#AGB18 Spotlight: Gateway Pet Guardians

Gateway Pet Guardians is participating in Abstrakt Gives Back Day for the first time this year, and we couldn’t be more excited to volunGateway Pet | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutionsteer with them! Gateway Pet Guardians is a nonprofit animal shelter whose staff and volunteers are dedicated to caring for animals on the streets of East St. Louis, Illinois and the surrounding area. Its mission is to end homelessness for animals in the Metro East through rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, community outreach and education.

In order to achieve its mission, Gateway Pet Guardians has developed a multifaceted approach, relying heavily on passionate volunteers and community leaders.

  • Feeding– Every day, GPG drives the streets within the Metro East communities monitoring the condition of homeless animals and provides them with food. GPG also provides food to low-income pet owners.
  • Rescue– GPG responds to any animal welfare issues identified by volunteer feeders or calls from the community. GPG follows up by either educating the owners in question or by rescuing the animal when resources are available.
  • Foster Homes– GPG has a vetted process allowing volunteers/staff to train, temporarily house, feed, medicate and rehabilitate homeless dogs. This process allows for an opportunity to find an appropriate forever/adoptive home.
  • Veterinarian Care– Skilled, dedicated veterinarians have negotiated reduced cost care with GPG and are willing to discount their services to help stray animals.
  • Adoption– GPG assists in finding qualified permanent homes for rescued and fostered animals, depending on the assistance and approval of the specific animal’s foster family.
  • Community Outreach– Free services and assistance are provided to residents in the community such as free spay/neuter clinics for qualified individuals, microchip events, vaccination events, dog house donations and food distributions. GPG’s goal is to keep pets in homes healthy and happy by supporting their owners and prevent animals from ending up on the street.
  • Education– GPG is dedicated to educating community member about the importance of animal care, including a commitment to spay or neuter animals. 

We surely can’t wait to work with this amazing organization and assist in their goal of ending animal homelessness in our community! Gateway Pet Guardians greatly appreciates and accepts donations to use for veterinary care for its foster pets, some of whom have been badly injured by accidents, cruelty, neglect, or life on the street.