#AGB18 Spotlight: Gateway 180

We at Abstrakt cannot wait to volunteer with Gateway 180 for our 2nd annual Abstrakt Gives Back Day! Gateway 180 serves 

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as a temporary home that provides the tools and support their clients need to rebuild their best selves and move on to stability, independence, and permanent housing. They have a vision to end family homelessness in the St. Louis community.

Gateway 180 executes their goals through the programs they have in place alongside donations and volunteers. Their programs exist so that families seek their services can achieve richer and more stable lives. They are heavily focused on one-on-one case management sessions, individualized housing plans, and referrals to long-term and off-site resources.

They offer even more for their clients! Other programs they have in place for the betterment of the St. Louis community while striving to end homelessness includes:

  • Permanent Housing Assistance
  • 24-Hour Emergency Shelter
  • Operation Brown Bag (free lunches for low-income families)
  • Life Skills Classes
  • Therapeutic Counseling for Adults
  • Therapeutic Children’s Counseling and Children’s Psycho-Social Programs
  • Summer Camp
  • The Inspiration Store
  • Community Overflow

Gateway 180 is proud to help hundreds of people move into permanent housing each year! They also proudly partner with many other organizations in the community that help provide assistance in many other ways.

It all starts with a phone call to Front Door Coordinated Entry Hotline. As space becomes available, the hotline refers clients to Gateway 180. Once a client arrives at Gateway 180, they receive fresh clothes, hygiene items, and the opportunity to shower and have a meal. After, the client goes through several steps Gateway 180 has laid out to ensure the client is on a path suited for them that results in a permanent housing situation.

We love the work Gateway 180 is doing for the Greater St. Louis area, and we can’t wait to contribute to their growth this year!