Abstrakt’s Design on a Dime Rooftop to Launch Next Week!

For those who haven’t been keeping up-to-date with their Abstrakt News we have decided to execute a rooftop patio makeover, design on a dime style, and the process kicked off this week. The space, although lovely and full of possibilities, was lacking that certain Abstrakt spice we strive to showcase here at our “home”. That said, Abstrakt Marketing Analyst- Elizabeth Hyden made it her personal goal to turn the rooftop area into a little slice of heaven.

This week the design process began with a simple blueprint of what Hyden hoped to accomplish with the space (we aren’t architects so don’t judge our blueprint harshly). After the plan was established, the shopping process began. The shopping list included a red outdoor umbrella, all-weather area rug, propane grill (a very manly one at that), lounge furniture, speakers and foliage- to add a feminine touch. Construction of the grill and planting of foliage has already occurred as well as adding additional pieces to the rooftop area. Final touches will occur next week when all of the pieces arrive. A special shout out to our fearless leader Scott Scully for the financial backing and ongoing support of this project!

Referring to the construction of the grill, Hyden had this to say. “The grill was a headache to put together, mainly because we only had miniature, broken tools in the office, but next time the store employee asks me if I want to buy the grill pre-assembled, I’ll say yes!”

You can count on seeing great pictures from our kick-off up soon. Stay tuned!