#AGB18 Spotlight: Gateway Greening

Abstrakt Volunteers at Gateway Greening

Today’s Abstrakt Gives Back Day spotlight: Gateway Greening!

Gateway Greening is an organization that believes they can connect people to the land, food, and one another by educating and empowering individuals through gardening and urban agriculture. A community of gardeners, farmers, neighbors, friends, and volunteers building deeply rooted, resilient urban communities throughout St. Louis are what makes up the organization.

Their idea is simple; provide St. Louis with a fun, safe, and educational environment for people to connect and discover the “Power of Growing Food” through sustainable urban agriculture projects. They don’t just exist to make St. Louis beautiful, they also strive to strengthen St. Louis. They hope to educate and engage with communities by sharing their gardening initiatives to better this city in multiple ways. They were founded in 1983 and still believe they are just getting started.

Our event, Abstrakt Gives Back Day, is a perfect opportunity for them to do just this! We are excited to volunteer our time to help them meet their goals and better our St. Louis community!

Last year, Kate Holton volunteered her Friday to Gateway Greening. Kate helped by cutting down invasive trees and plants along the fence line of the garden. Her favorite part of the day was having the opportunity to work alongside her team members on a project that served the community.

“At the end of the day we only spent 3 hours working, yet they served us up an amazing meal and could not stop thanking us. It inspired me to continue finding ways to serve my community. If three hours made a difference, how much more could one day a month make?” said Kate.

Kate was most touched by the gratefulness of the staff there. The inspiration gained from this small interaction makes such a huge impact. This experience that inspired Kate may inspire her friend, which may inspire her husband, which creates a chain reaction. And that’s what volunteering is all about, right?! We hope we can inspire as many people as possible to give back to this wonderful city that has given so much to all of us!

If you are interested in volunteering on your own time at Gateway Greening, follow this link.