A ‘Thank You’ to Laborers, Each & Every One

labor dayBeing a laborer isn’t easy. The economy continues to fluctuate, competition continues to increase and as employers ask us to do more with less, the juggling act always keeps us on our toes. 
So today we say ‘thank you.’ Not only to our employees, who we can never thank enough, but to anyone who gets up everyday and does their job. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading into the office, putting on a hard hat or driving our kids to school – thank you. It takes work to work, and we want to recognize that. And for the hardworking laborers who were not blessed with an additional day of rest on this holiday, you deserve a standing ovation – thank you. 
I’m sure that there are many people who don’t know the history behind this holiday. In a nutshell, it was created “to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers.” So today, we honor you. 
However you choose relax, do so. Whether it’s with family and friends, or simply enjoying some much needed alone time, we hope you enjoy it – you’ve certainly earned it.  Tomorrow it’s back to the trenches but for now, enjoy today.