A New Office for a New Year

In case you’ve missed our Facebook posts, tweets and retweets, Abstrakt is in the middle of a makeover! The office inside went from a perimeter lined with desks around the room to a cluster of grey cubes in the center. Now we can more easily communicate in our newly designed quarters to squeeze in more of us! More importantly, we can scoot our rolling desk chairs across the floor in lieu of standing up and walking over to ask someone a question. I sense some relay races in the near future.

2012 is a year of organization and cleansing for all of us at Abstrakt Marketing Group. We are washing our hands of old habits and building new traditions. We’ve cleaned out the office and we’re organizing new processes and initiatives for smoother, everyday function. What does that really mean? Well, we are learning to live and breathe by the art of checklists. And we’re learning the true value of face-to-face communication despite how committed we are to the digital revolution.

Cleaning and reorganizing has this magical power to reenergize. It’s a fresh start for the new year, both for us and for our clients.

What are Abstrakt’s plans for 2012? Well, you’ll just have to find out by following us on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube pages in addition to all of the blogs to come.

Are you a local client of ours?! Come check out our new office! Same location, same mission. Just a new hair-do!

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