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Abstrakt has several lead generation programs available to companies in the real estate and mortgage industry

Realtor Recruitment

The real estate marketplace is extremely competitive. Which means, you can’t settle for anyone less than the best on your team. How do you create a team of top producers? Let Abstrakt recruit on your behalf.

Through our realtor recruitment program we will get your company in front of the top, full-time producing agents within the markets you do business. Our conversations are professional and discrete, while delivering you answers to the most important questions:

  • What is their current working environment like?
  • What specific trends are affecting them?
  • What would  encourage them to leave their current organization?

As with all of our programs, we partner with one exclusive partner within a market, consistently providing them with secured meetings, month over month.

Common recruitment criteria for our realtor recruitment program includes:

  • 10 or more transactions annually
  • 3 million or more in sales annually

Realtor Referral

Abstrakt has access to a database (1.2 Million agents) of almost all real estate agents in the country that can be segmented by zip code, city, county, state, etc.  Before reaching out we take a month to get messaging and logistics set up to coordinate meetings with your LO’s, in addition we sync our list up with a production list for agents in your market.  From there we will schedule anywhere from 8 to 10 meetings per month with full-time agents that are at least doing 1 buyer side transaction per month.  As we come in contact with agents we are collecting information about who their primary lender is, level of satisfaction, any issues with close times, etc.  Prior to each meeting with an agent, your loan officers will be equipped with:

  • Calendar invitation marking the time and date of the meeting
  • Call recording of the conversation taking place
  • Agent Overview
    • Conversation summary
    • Office location
    • Contact information
    • Production volume

The ultimate goal of this program is to keep your originators in front of more agents so they cultivate more relationships which will lead to more referrals.

Loan Officer Recruitment

Abstrakt will help you find your next top-producing loan officer. Using our Outbound lead generation solution, we will help you to attract the top performers in your region, identifying the most engaged prospects available for recruitment.

We discretely connect with state licensed, self-sourcing originators within the markets you do business with. Our team will determine if those originators are currently facing any pain points within their current organization. These may include, lack of: training, support, compensation, culture and upward mobility.

We have found that originators often have these pain points that have been unaddressed within their current organization and it is only a matter of time until they begin looking elsewhere.

Our team will provide you with qualified appointments with originators that meet  your search criteria. Once an appointment is set you will receive a call recording of our conversation with your prospective originator as well as all the research data collected on that originator.

Common recruitment criteria includes:

  • 750K or more monthly
  • 10 or more transactions quarterly
  • State-licensed