Looking Back: Weekly Recap

Why You Can’y Be This Direct

When we saw this comic today, we couldn’t help but find the humor in it. Oftentimes people lump direct mail campaigns in the same category as they would a pushy door-to-door salesperson. Direct mail can open a lot of doors for your business but if you go about it in the wrong way, you may just end up burying yourself. Read full post. Read full post. 

Infographics that Deserve a Second Look
In our line of work, we see new infographics every day. We don’t usually take the time to look at them all because so many of them are just repeating the same ‘ol thing. But once in a while, we see some that are worth sharing. From 2013 projections to new Twitterterms, we think these infographics deserve five minutes of your time. In the comments section below, please share links to infographics that you think are worth our viewing. Read full post.

While Facebook’s new “Graph Search” is an exciting feature of individuals, how will this impact business pages? Abstrakt Marketing Group Social Media Manager Shannon Miller explores what businesses can do to make sure their page is ready for the change. Watch video here.

Facebook has announced that they will be implementing changes to their news feed that will now include focusing more on images and offering multiple feeds. As with any Facebook changes, we find ourselves asking “how will this affect us as marketers?” The verdict is still out on that one, but Mashable reporter Seth Fiegerman explores both the positives and negatives that may accompany the change in his article, “What Facebook’s New News Feed Means for Marketers.” Read full post.

All successful small businesses know that their greatest assets are their employees – so how do you consistently get the most out of each and every staff member? Here at Abstrakt, we know that the key to maintaining a positive environment for our team is to focus more on them than dull facts and deadlines. Read full post.