Top 10 Signs You’re a Marketer

1. Having a client’s campaign go viral on social media is like Christmas morning

2. You’ve read more whitepapers and Ebooks than you’re willing to admit

3. Whereas your friends have no idea of what a “click-through rate” is, you get ecstatic over a good one

4. You’re thoroughly entertained when coworkers debate over taglines

5. You actually start saving the direct mail pieces that come to your house for inspiration

direct mail
6. When major social sites change their algorithms, you’re the only one of your friends that’s not surprised

not mad
7. You actually understand why this is hilarious…

8. You look at Facebook and see work more than anything else.

9. You believe that traffic is a useless measure unless you can see how it converts into leads

10. You love reading blog post lists (which is what has kept you here)