This Week’s Recap

When Campaigns Get Too Cheeky

In the world of advertising, it’s takes a lot to be original. To originate an idea that has yet to be done is a trying task – but sometimes we just shouldn’t act on the first ideas we have. Advertisers are constantly trying to push the envelope – and we do, regularly. However, every once in a while a brand will launch a campaign that makes us say, “Oh, no they didn’t!” Read full post. 

What Your Social Strategy Can Learn from the Maker’s Mark Mistake

Earlier this month, the famous whiskey brand Maker’s Mark released news that they would be cutting the amount of alcohol in their product from 45 to 42 percent (or 84 proof instead of 90 proof). You might be wondering, “Why do I care?” But the announcement sent brand supporters and social followers into a frenzy, causing quite the PR nightmare for the company. But it’s how the brand handled the feedback that we want to talk about. Read full post. 

Local Agency Announces Sales Contest to Win the Keys to a Porsche for a Week

Abstrakt Marketing Group, a leading marketing firm in St. Louis, is proud to announce the launch of their latest sales contest: a weekly competition to win the keys to a 2013 Porsche 911. Launching on Monday, February 18th, the sales person with the top revenue on Friday, February 22nd, will receive the keys to the Porsche 911 for the weekend through the following Thursday. The incentive is being used as a tool to motivate sales team members to stay on target and engage in some friendly competition with fellow co-workers. Read full post. 

Using Pinterest to Enhance Your YouTube Channel

Feel like your business’ YouTube channel isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be? Social Media Manager Kim Kaporis explains how you can double your subscribers with the aid of Pinterest. Watch full video. 

The biggest concern we hear from business owners regarding the use of social media is, “How do we measure conversion rates and it’s correlation to lead generation?” If you’re going to be spending the time, you want to know that you’re getting business out of it. Twitter seems to grasp this concept and is currently implementing a new ad unit that will give companies a way to generate leads directly from their Tweets. Read full post.