This Week in Abstrakt Blogs Oct 14th-18th, 2013

Oct.14th: “Habits Hurting your Twitter Following – Part 2”

Because Twitter is such an important tool for growing your business, we’re back this week with  another round of bad habits. Click here to read more.

Oct.15th: “Using LinkedIn as Part of Your Loyalty Marketing Strategy”

What exactly is loyalty marketing? Rather than focus on getting new customers interested in your product or service, loyalty marketing reaches out to consumers who are already customers. Click here to read more.

Oct. 16th: “Who Ever Said Blogging was Easy?”

With business blogs popping up all the time, creating a great content has become difficult. But establishing your blog as an industry resource in your field can make your business more credible to customers and other professionals. Click here to read more.

Oct. 17th: “Using Web Video to Grow Your Business – Part 1”

Producing web videos may just be the answer you’re searching for! Web video is a great way to reach out to consumers and grab their attention. Click here to read more.

Oct. 18th: “Outsourcing Appointment Setting is the Smart Thing to Do for Your Business”

Appointment setting with potential clients means creating a marketing strategy, obtaining the right resources and creating a campaign to attract the right clients. Appointment setting can take a long time if you are not experienced with the process, it’s sometimes best left to the professionals. Click here to read more.