The Weekly Wrap-Up

An Abstrakt-Style Surprise

Our sales staff, Shaken, not Stirred, did a great job this past month, and we decided to show our appreciation for their efforts by hosting an impromptu celebration! In our world, sales are forever and this team is smoother than James Bond himself. Watch video here. 

Game On – The Fight for the Porsche Rolls On

A few weeks back, we released the news that our sales staff would have the chance to land the keys to a 2013 911 Porsche every week. Well, the contest has started and the team is ruthless. Who knew that a big incentive could light such a fire amongst the team? Oh right – we were counting on this. Watch video here.

The Recipe for Growth: Lead Generation & Pipeline Management in Equal Parts 

So you’re talking to someone about growing your business and two words are heard in the conversation: lead generation. So far, you’re on a good track – until the conversation ends and nowhere did you discuss pipeline management. Now you have a problem. Read more here.

Social News: The Facebook Card

Facebook now has the answer for last minute shoppers everywhere— the all-new Facebook Card. Emily Buss, Social Media Manager at Abstrakt Marketing Group, explains how this unique gift card works and what it can mean for your business.Watch the full video here.

 Great Marketing Quotes to Get You Through the Weekend

Sometimes we just need a little bit of inspiration. While some ideas come out of thin air, others are developed over time. There have been thousands of great marketers over the years and today we look to them for some inspirational quotes as we head into our weekend. Read more here.