The Week That Was in Abstrakt Blogs (2-6—2-10)…

A full week’s worth of blogs while celebrating the one-year anniversary of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song….

Wait! Rewind That Commercial! — Super Bowl Sunday: a day where the game can take a backseat to the commercial breaks. What was your favorite? We know you have a favorite…let us know in the comments section.

Real Winners Don’t Pay for Fans — Buying fans on social media platforms are a no-no. Here’s a tip: think organic growth.

YouTube: Add It to Your Marketing Plan — In today’s world, video sometimes trumps the written word (short attention span theater, anyone?). Learn how adding a short video to one of the web’s most-trafficked sites makes great sense for your marketing efforts.

5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog — It’s a blog eat, blog world out there: getting traffic to your blog is a difficult endeavor. These tips can help have your blog rolling in unique visitors in no time.

…last, but certainly not least…

It’s All About the Location: Google Places Can Get You There — We’ve all been in that spot: ridin’ around in your automobile and trying to figure out where to go for a bite to eat. What to do? Flip on that smartphone (while pulled over…safety first) and Google it.

That’s it for now — see you next week!

*Image courtesy of Wikimedia