The Week That Was in Abstrakt Blogs (1.2—1.6)…

Some Abstrakt blogs to read while getting those Facebook business cards squared away

Harnessing the iFrame for Lead Generation — I frame, you frame, we all scream for iFrame! The iFrame can be an important key to your lead generation efforts.

“Meet and Seat” — Use Social Media to Choose Your Airplane Seat — You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but can you pick your airplane seat? You can do that and choose who to sit with via your favorite social media platform.

Increase Engagement Through Video Blogging — Video is all the rage these days. But how can it help increase engagement?

Get Your Graphics On — Bold? Check. Enticing? You got it. We’re proud of our graphics team here at Abstrakt. Learn how our vision can be your vision for your marketing campaigns.

…and lastly…

Diving Deeper into Public Relations vs. Marketing — PR and marketing has long been a tug of war. Will a side win out? Not likely…and that’s a good thing.

And that’s the week that was in Abstrakt blogs for the first week in 2012. For the rest in social media, advertising and all things lead generation that’s fit to print, give the rest of our Abstrakt Marketing Group blogs a read.