The Week in Abstrakt Blogs: Referrals, MSPs & Social Media Strategies

A review of the week’s blogs while learning how Major League Baseball’s Advanced Media arm got punked by their own social media employee…

Looking for Referrals? What’s Your Strategy? — Everybody depends on referrals as part of their sales playbook, but do you have a strategy?

Land Business with a Leave Behind — Pitching your lead generation business and services requires more than just simply handing out your business card. Stand out from the crowd by being creative — leave a tangible takeaway.

What Have We Learned from #NBCfail? — The major broadcasting network has taken a lot of heat for tape delayed coverage and the social media peanut gallery has led the way.

MPS Providers and How They Make Life Easier Every Day — Managed print service providers aren’t simply “Riiiiiiicccccchhhhhh, maaaaaaking copppp-eeeeeeez!”; it’s a true business solution.

…and last but not least…

Geo-Targeting is Working for Marketing Campaigns — Recent advances in technology have brought us to an ad person’s dream: targeting a customer where they live, eat and breathe.

That’s it for now. For this time till next time, we’ll see you soon!