The Week in Abstrakt Blogs: Lead Generation, Outsourcing, Social Media & More.

A round up of the week’s blogs to tie you over before enjoying some Cinco de Mayo festivities…

Keep Calm and Air Condition On — As the temperatures climb, so does your electric bill.  A few simple tips can help stave off you getting “hot.”

Operation Safety: Forklift Precautions in the Workplace — Being safe in a warehouse environment is vital. The safe operation of a forklift not only keeps you on the job, but can also improve efficiency.

Want to be Considered the Best in Your Industry? You’ll Have to Earn It — Success doesn’t just happen overnight—there are no shortcuts.  Put in the effort and the payoff could be huge for your lead generation prospecting.

Why You Shouldn’t Restrict Social Media in the Workplace — Did you know: 43% of companies block access to social media sites? While it may seem like a good idea, one should consider the impact.

…and finally…

Why Outsourcing Your Sales Functions Makes Sense — Lead generation should be a continuous effort, not an afterthought. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider outsourcing your sales functions.

And that’s all for now. For this time till next time, we’ll see you soon.