The Week in Abstrakt Blogs – Lead Generation & More

Instead of taking a Facebook status update a little too seriously, catch up on this week’s blogs…

Good Content vs. Bad Content: How to Keep Your Fans Happy and Your Brand Happier — What qualifies as “good” content? It doesn’t require rocket science.

B2B Lead Nurturing 101: Email Content — Lead generation demands nurturing and consistent contact — a deal won’t happen overnight.

In Defense of the Check-In — Despite it being the least popular smartphone activity (Pew Research), checking in does have its advantages.

Painting Your Bottom Line Black with Lead Gen — In a competitive industry like commercial painting, a solid lead generation strategy is vital. One of our clients walks you through our process.

…and lastly…

The Value of Authorship on Blogs — In trying to establish yourself as a knowledge leader, it’s all about the credibility.

‘Til next time, so long for just awhile.