The Week in Abstrakt Blogs: A Breakup, Starbucks & A Little Lead Generation

A roundup of this week’s blogs while Twitter adds new search features to improve your experience… linkedin twitter

The Ultimate Break-Up: Twitter & LinkedIn — Gone are the days of the #LI hashtag. Now you will just have to log into your LinkedIn account to show pictures of your cat (kidding!).

Lead Gen the AMG Way – It Goes Beyond Setting an Appointment — At Abstrakt, we focus on not just setting the appointment – we build relationships with our lead generation prospects.

Happy Independence Day! Starbucks is Screaming ‘We’re #INDIVISIBLE!’ — Starbucks’ social media campaign looks to spur conversation about our country’s future. Will it work?

You Just Got Gated! Content Gating Has Visitors Frustrated — What’s worse than going to a website and experiencing autoplay? Getting content-blocked when you’re trying to download a whitepaper.

…and finally…

We Just Keep Growing, and Growing, and Growing… — As the title suggests, we’re still looking for a few good folks to add to our growing roster. Interested in lead generation? Give us a click to learn more.

That’s it for now. For this time till next time, we’ll see you soon!