Step Aside People, Intern Coming Through.



There I was, the big new intern.  I thought nerves would have the best of me.  Turns out, the two degree weather was the only thing to blame for the shake in my step.  So far everyone seemed extremely friendly at this new place.  And what do you know, I have my own desk!  Meet Amy, and this is the other Amy…meet Amanda, and here is the other Amanda. Sure enough, meet Bre.  Wait a tick, that’s my name.  I guess you could say I was meant to intern at Abstrakt Marketing Group.

Of course, I can say it’s meant to be all I want.  At the end of my first day, I sat back to reflect.  I’m not nervous.  I’m not scared.  I could have fallen in the snow on my first day, and made a fool out of myself…but no.  Day one had gone by without any major issues.  My supervisor is awesome, and so is everyone else in this place.  Elevator conversations weren’t awkward, but everyone knew I was the new guy.  Hello sir, pay no attention to the intern in the corner.  That’s the thing though, not a single person treated me like that.

I happened to spend a good majority of my day in the sales department.  Most said, “Oh wow, that sounds fun.”  Actually, I learned more in a couple hours than I thought I could.  The sales team got me excited about Abstrakt in only a few minutes.  After that, it was hard to believe the day had gone by so quickly.  I actually wanted to stay longer.  Three days a week?  That’s it?  I spent a few short hours in ONE department of Abstrakt.  Seriously though, only three days a week?

Sure, I could still be in the honeymoon stage.  The bottom line is, I am the new Corporate Marketing Intern at Abstrakt Marketing Group.  Seeing that my supervisor interviewed me in a Mardi Gras mask, this could get interesting, and I totally can’t wait.