Recapping the Week [3.18.13 – 3.22.13]

Get on Board with March Madness 

It’s the same dilemma every year: should you embrace your office’s March Madness bracket or not. Twitter, Facebook and just about every media outlet is discussing March Madness as we move into the first week of games. Each year, businesses wonder if they should fight the madness or just give in and integrate it into their employees’ workday – since they will more than likely be watching it from their computers anyways. Read full post here.

 St. Louis Agency Announces Promotions 

Hiring for Abstrakt Marketing Group continues as more team members are promoted.

Abstrakt Marketing Group, a full-service agency in downtown St. Louis, is pleased to announce the promotion of seven team members. “These associates have contributed significantly to the agency’s success in serving our clients and are an important part of the company’s future,” said Scott Scully, President of Abstrakt Marketing Group. “These promotions are a reflection of our associates’ hard work and our confidence in their continued ability to deliver top-quality services for our clients.” Read full post here. 

South by Southwest – St. Louis Style

Every year South by Southwest is all the rage. Leading up to the Austin, Texas-based event, music, technology and social media enthusiasts speculate on what may or may not happen and if any the announcements will have an affect on their line of work. What big news will be made? What new revelations will we walk away with? We aren’t all lucky to attend the event in person, but we stayed glued to our social feeds for the latest updates. Read full post here. 

Creative Design & Production is On Your Side

Creativity, design and collaborative brand development – all things that businesses look to in order to keep their company running. A successful brand goes beyond simply great messaging, imagery and videos — it places your company’s messaging in a way that it will be most remembered. Whether it’s through video, photography or graphic design, you’ll be challenged to share your brand’s story—one frame at a time. Read full post here. 

Don’t Underestimate the Recruiting Power of Your Website

For many companies, their website is considered a necessity, but they aren’t exactly sure why. They think they need it so they show up in online search results, to have an online presence, to act as a clearing house for all of their product and service information. It is true that a website can do all of those things, but among the most important things that it does do is act as a recruiting resource. Read full post here.