Recapping the Week [7.29.13-8.2.13]

Controversy for Coke

In the fast paced and ever-evolving world of marketing, it can be demanding to remain relevant to customers. Even for a century-strong empire like Coca-Cola, adjusting to where the world of sugary sodas is headed has proven to be quite the task lately.

With the rise of obesity and an emphasis on health-awareness, Coke has shifted their focus in recent years creating new products, such as Coke Zero, to keep up with the trends. This has proven to be a successful move as their diet beverages continue to be popular among consumers. Read full post here. 

The Digital Age: Moving Up the Digital Media Ladder

Over the past century, our economy has made the shift from the Industrial Revolution to the Digital Revolution.  Digital media has become part of our culture and prevalent in today’s society.   Back when Facebook was first founded in 2004, it was just a social networking service for students to connect with one another at Harvard University.  Facebook has grown immensely since then.  What about Twitter? It was created just two years after Facebook and has moved up the digital media ladder.  These social networking sites now also serve as a platform for companies to connect with customers and help their business grow. Many people have immersed themselves into the world of digital media and companies are doing the same. Read full post here. 

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your Prospecting: #7 Accountability 

We’re back with another great reason for you to outsource your prospecting: accountability.

When your prospecting is done through your in-house sales staff, it can become difficult to hold individuals responsible. Unqualified appointments are set, fingers are pointed, and it can turn into a time consuming mess. This is just another thing you can avoid when you choose to outsource your prospecting. Since the teams main goal is to set qualified appointments, you won’t be wasting your time with prospects who don’t fit your target market. Additionally, if the team makes a mistake, it’s their job to fix it and fix it immediately. Read full post here. 

Public vs. Private

“It is my business to know what other people don’t know.” -Sherlock Holmes

The NSA and Edward Snowden have been plastered across the headline of every news source for the past month. Before a political debate ensues, let’s move to the controversy it stimulates on the growing debate between public and private information. What can others see? Read full post here.

Facebook Privacy Tips

Facebook is tricky — especially trying to navigate politely around unwanted acquaintances, over-zealous family members and random people trying to sneak a peek at your day-to-day activities. If you are fed up with Grandma commenting on all of your Mardi Gras and after-bars pictures (or want to block your boss from seeing them, for that matter), still want to creep on your old ex-girlfriend but would like to limit what she can see or you just plain, old don’t want to share your information to the world wide web, learn more about Facebook’s privacy settings and how to use them in today’s marketing tip. Watch video here.