Recapping the Week [6.3.13-6.7.13]

37474198Google Glass Causes Gadget Envy

I remember watching shows when I was younger and wishing they were real. Google Glass makes me think of those days because I never really expected those products to be developed as fast as they have been. From what I’ve seen in the videos Google’s released, Google Glass has me pea green with gadget envy – even though I’d probably never use it. Read full post here. 

Taco Bell #Fail Has Us Thinking About Social Media Policies

Social media can quickly take your business to great places – as well as really low ones. Does this photo look familiar? A customer on Taco Bell’s Facebook page posted this picture recently. As you can imagine, it only took a matter of moments for the photo to go viral and the rest, well that’s to be determined. The company has since released a statement explaining the incident was a prank. For some people, however, the image was enough to turn them away as customers in the future. Read full post here.

More On Google Glass

Lately, Google Glass has been all the buzz. Find out why in our latest Marketing Minute from Social Media Manager, Allyson Kutterer. Watch video here. 

Wait You’re How Old? Youngins Hold Their Own in the Workplace

It’s been a couple of years now that I’ve been part of the professional workforce but I continue to get the “Wait, how old are you?” question regularly. If you’re under the age of 30 (heck, maybe even 35), you’re probably accustomed to answering this question, too. But instead of letting it knock my confidence – like it would have a year or two ago – it’s become a tool, a mile marker if you will, to showcase my accomplishments thus far.  Because seriously: if you’re holding your own in the workplace in your early twenties there’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you should be nothing but motivated. Read full post here.

“Let’s Talk About It”

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