Recapping the Week [5.6.13-5.10.13]

Why Having Different Leadership Styles is a GOOD Thing

Let’s think about this: would you rather work for a company where all of your managers are the same or in an environment where each manager brings their own unique approach? That decision took all of roughly 10 seconds to come up with – I’ll take the latter of the two, and I’m guessing your employees would too. Read full post here.

Are Hand Written Notes Still Relevant in Business? We Vote Yes.

Today, AMA TV discussed whether or not hand written notes are still relevant in business. There are a lot of things that may go out of style, but we don’t think that handwritten notes are one of them. Watch video and read full post here. 

Maintaining a successful business has been an ongoing battle for owners everywhere for the past few years. In St. Louis, entrepreneurs have met many of the same battles in trying to establish and maintain a successful company. With many businesses struggling to keep their doors open, it’s particularly interesting to learn what’s driving some to continue annual growth. Read full post here.

Welcome to the real world, graduates. There are no meal plans or skateboarding professors here and only the occasional theme party. If you’re lucky. And if you’re anything like me after I graduated, you’ll spend the next 9-12 months trying to find your career. But before you land that dream job (or not), you’re going to want to reconsider your use of social media. Read full post here. 

Taking a Look at All That’s LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still growing and has become more valuable than ever for employers and job seekers. Take a look that all that’s LinkedIn in this easy to follow infographic. Check out the infographic here.