Recapping the Week [5.27.13-5.31.13]

The Serenity NowRemember to Give Thanks This Memorial Day 

Thank you to all those who have served and are currently serving our country! Full post here. 

Serenity Now: Seinfeld’d Sales Advice 

It’s amazing how the simplest of things, like watching a rerun of a past TV show, can give us a lesson in improving our sales technique.  If you’re a “Seinfeld” fan, then you probably remember “The Serenity Now” episode. In a nutshell, the idea a simple phrase like “serenity now” can help you keep your emotions in check by suppressing your irritation and anger. In the sales field, it’s all about keeping a cool head and handling rejection well and this episode is a great example of how not to respond to objections. Full post and video here. 

Vine vs. Social Cam 

What’s the difference between Vine and SocialCam? Abstrakt Social Media Manager Breanna Bequette explains in today’s edition of Marketing minute. Watch video here.

 Promoting From Within Doesn’t Make It a Cake Walk 

As companies grow, it’s common to promote from within. Not only because it’s great for retention, but also because it makes sense to expand responsibilities of those doing well and who already know your products and customers. There is however one huge problem with promoting from within that’s commonly overlooked by supervisors—preparation. Full post here.

 The digital divide: Texting versus email in the business world

There are two types of people — the ones who text, and the ones who don’t. It’s easy to pick out those who don’t text because they blatantly don’t get it, always questioning what the fuss is all about. So let me lay some logic on you. Texting is popular because it’s convenient, simple and doesn’t carry any expectations. Phone conversations can quickly turn awkward if there’s a long pause; with texting, that silence is not existent. Full post here.