Recapping the Week [5.20.13-5.24.13]

Consumers Determine What Your Brand Is and Isn’t – Do You Agree?

I was perusing Facebook earlier when I came across this photo on the American Marketing Association’s page. There’s nothing remarkably special about this post, but it really got me thinking – how much power do we have over our own brands? I have to think that there is a great deal of validity in the claim that consumers are the ones who determine what our brands are, even if that’s different from what we strive to represent. Read full post here.

The Words We Live By

There are many things that make up our business, with staff and clients being two of the largest parts. Most of all, our purpose is what makes us who we are. Discover who we are and what we stand for in this video. Watch video here.

As you’ve undoubtedly already heard, Monday’s devastating tornadoes that tore through Oklahoma resulted in many deaths and unimaginable damage. People across the country are doing what they can to help victims, but many people just don’t know where to start. We’ve provided a list of ways to help. Read full post here.

How can brands use the new Facebook Home app to their advantage, even without the presence of ads? Abstrakt Social Media Manager, Shannon Miller, explains in this edition of Marketing Minute. Watch video here. 

We come into work every day and surround ourselves with the same individuals, but sometimes questions are left unanswered. Questions like: how we do we really know one another? Over time we have certainly come to know one another better than in our earlier days and now it’s time for us to share that inside information with you. Today we’re taking a look at one of our Art Directors, Corey Melzer. Read full post here.