Recapping the Week [4.8.13 – 4.12.13]

We’re Taking on the St. Louis Green Business Challenge

Have you heard of the Sustainable Business Advantage program put on by the St. Louis Regional Chamber? Until recently, we hadn’t either, but we’re excited that we know about it now. The St. Louis Regional Chamber has developed the Sustainable Business Advantage program and Green Business Challenge to move the region’s businesses toward sustainable business practices that reduce environmental impact while helping their bottom line. Read full post here.

How to Get Your Email Opened by a Person With a lot of Email 

I currently have 4,519 emails in my inbox. I haven’t regularly deleted emails since I first got a Gmail account in 2005 (that’s my hipster cred for the day). Every day I get at least 30-40 emails and most of them get no more than a few seconds of consideration. I am an email marketer’s worst nightmare and most hoped for treasure.  Why? Because I’m an easy target. Read full post here. 

Letting Your Logo Lead Your Design Path 

Let’s talk about all the marketing collateral that goes along with an established brand. You’ve got a website (or websites), print materials — which may consist of everything from general paperwork to sell sheets and leave-behinds. Of course, all the social materials you need – like avatars, backgrounds and imagery – are in your marketing toolkit. If you’re a young business who hasn’t yet established all of your marketing collateral, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed. Where do you start? How do you make sure all of your materials are in-line with one another? Read full post here. 

 Mobile Marketers Continue to Make Moves – Are You Ready? 

If you’ve been talking about marketing strategies for this year then you’ve probably been discussing mobile marketing – and if you haven’t yet, you’re behind the curve. The number of mobile devices on the market is at an all-time high and is only expected to continue growing. Mobile will continue to be one of the hottest trends this year as well as one of the biggest obstacles for businesses to overcome. With so many customers relying solely on their mobile devices, we’re having to rethink everything from design to delivery. Read full post here. 

Facebook’s Newsfeed

Do you have the new Facebook newsfeed yet? Well, soon enough you will. Allyson Kutterer, Social Media Manager at Abstrakt Marketing Group, explains what to expect, including new visuals and customizable newsfeeds. Watch video here.