Recapping the Week [4.7.14- 4.11.14]

How Brands Should Use Twitter’s Photo Collage

With over 200 million users, Twitter has a pretty strong hold of social media traffic in the world.  It’s to be expected that there would be some copycats in the business.  First, we saw Facebook copy Twitter’s “clickable hashtag,” then it tried to duplicate Snapchat through “Poke.”  After that, Twitter developed Vine’s 6-second videos; this was then replicated by Instagram’s 15-second videos.  Fortunately, Twitter will lead the way once again with photo collages.  No longer do users have to seek out third-party sites to create a photo collage; now Twitter will let you do this through their own app (once you update it).  Read more here.

Sidestepping Gatekeeper Objections

Well hello there gorgeous, how’s your day going?  If I smooth talk you enough, you’ll put me through to the boss, won’t you?  If only it were that easy.  We’ve discussed in the past how gatekeepers can actually help you, but it seems like some just have a wall built up and they’re not letting anyone in.  So how can you get in the big guy’s ear, through someone trained to manage the decision-maker’s time?  Here are some answers to common questions you’ll face.

Getting Google Analytics, Part 2 of A LOT

“Heck yes, we got 5 new ‘likes’ this week!”  Way to go Facebook pro, it looks like you’re doing just fine with this whole social media thing.  Your brand is making impressions, but with who?  Google Analytics can help break down your audience into categories to get an idea of who is visiting your site.  See these categories explained here.

Come See Me Today! I’ll Save You Money!  5 Tips to Auto Script Writing

“We’re slashing prices left and right!  Come see us today to get the best deal you’ll find on a car this century!  SUVs are literally FLYING off our lot, so don’t forget to come see us TODAY!”  I’ll tell you, that pitch really makes me want to drop everything and go buy a car.  I can’t be too hard though, script writing isn’t easy!  So unless you have a copywriter in house, read these tips on how auto dealers can write an effective TV script.