Recapping the Week [4.29.13 – 5.3.13]

Charity Partnerships – Why We Do It

Every business, no matter the industry, has organizations they hold near and dear to their hearts. Maybe they host an annual food drive for no other reason than tradition. Perhaps it’s participating in a run to show support for a colleague. No matter the reason – philanthropy is just as much a part of everyday business as anything else. We can’t speak for everyone in our market, but there are a few reasons why we opt for forming charity partnerships here in St. Louis. Read full post here.

Over the past couple of years,LinkedIn has done a pretty good job of keeping our attention. And even when we stray away for a bit, they always manage to bring us back. So what’s the latest with LinkedIn that’s captured our attention? LinkedIn Contacts. Read full post here.

Leveraging location data in your company’s mobile ads can improve click-through rates and provide valuable information. Abstrakt Marketing Group’s Breanna Bequette explains how. Watch video here. 

You can’t put toothpaste back in its tube and you can’t take back a tweet that was retweeted. Or can you? A Pennsylvania-based software developer is working to change that with his new tool, “Retwact.” As evidenced by the amount of false information spread in the days following the Boston Marathon bombings, Twitter can be a double-edged sword when it comes to sharing news. Just as quickly as facts and information travel, so too does the misinformation. But how can you correct it after the fact? Read full post here. 

Cinco de Mayo, Paintball & Kentucky Derby, Oh My! 

Do you ever hear your friends talking about the companies they work for and get a slight tinge of jealously over the fun stuff that goes on at their company? If the answer’s yes – you may want to stop reading now. Tomorrow, Abstrakt will have a number of activities taking place that would make even the most cool, calm and collected individual feel a bit of jealousy. In the spirit of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby festivities, we decided to go all-out for this week’s drink cart. With fresh mint juleps, margaritas and décor to match, the office will be in full pre-party swing this Friday. Unfortunately, not all of our team members will get to participate tomorrow, but don’t feel too bad for them—they’ll be spending half the day at a paintball course! Read full post here. 

Three Things You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Week

Just like the tax code, Amanda Bynes’ hair and the contents of the Mississippi River, the happenings in the world of social media are constantly changing. That means it can be tough to keep track of it all. But don’t worry — this Friday, as you sip your mint julep or margarita — we’ve got you covered. Check out these three things you might have missed in the world of social media that you should know. Read full post here.