Recapping the Week [4.22.13 – 4.26.13]

Have You Facebook Homed Yet?

When we saw the release of Facebook Home, we were expecting it to make a splash. With all the advertising dollars Facebook has put behind the software, we’re not too surprised to see that around 500,000 people have already downloaded it. What we want to know is, are they using it? Read full post here.

This morning was a typical day in the office – the agency director and creative team were discussing their latest projects and fell onto the topic of creative ad campaigns. After a couple of minutes rambling about the latest successes and failures in the industry, someone brought up Kmart’s latest commercial. I found myself surprised to find out that not everyone in the office had seen it! What?! You may be asking yourself, “What difference does it make if they’ve seen it or not?” And the answer is simple – because every once in a while a company gets something so right it’s only fair that we share it with everyone else who will undoubtedly appreciate it. Watch video here. 

Why Plain and Simple Pricing Will Take You a Long Way

What is the number one, surefire way to drive away prospects? Give them an uneasy feeling about the value they are getting. We’ve all had it happen—you’re in a meeting discussing a new service implementation, and you’re completely caught off guard because you’re service doesn’t include everything you thought you were getting. Or maybe it does, just for an extra cost. Read full post here. 

Wondering how Facebook advertisers target their ads? Recently developed features help them create a more accurate audience. Learn more in today’s Marketing Minute by Social Media Manager Shannon Miller. Watch video here.