Recapping the Week [4.21.14- 4.25.14]

The Basic Pieces No Website Should be Without

You go to a website to find yourself on a flash landing page with music blaring with no idea of how to navigate the site, and then you leave. We’ve all been there. And don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of websites out there that can pull off this look. They’ve mastered their user experience, taken care of the kinks and it “works” for them. But to the thousands of websites out there that haven’t taken those steps, this post is for you.

Automotive Marketing- Are We Having Fun Yet?

It’s no secret that automotive marketers have a lot on their plate. From monthly promotions to new vehicle releases to maintaining their current client base while building their new client pipeline, it can be extremely overwhelming (pan to crazy marketing guy on our right). Now, this could be the part where I say, “don’t worry we have all the answers to your automotive marketing problems,” but I won’t – even though we do. No, no, no, there will be plenty of time for that later, what we’re going to talk about now is how YOU can manage your marketing without losing your cool. Yes, it is feasible. Read more here.

Marketing Internship Opportunities for Summer and Fall

Are you funny? What high school did you go to? Do you like provel cheese? None of those things matter. What DOES matter is that you are a go-getter, looking to join our team as we work towards our marketing goals in the upcoming semesters.  If you find yourself checking your social media networks before getting out of bed,  are always up-to-date on the latest digital trends and are interested in an unforgettable experience, you’ll fit in perfectly at Abstrakt Marketing.  Find out more here. 

Getting Google Analytics, Part 3 of A LOT

Oh Google Analytics, how gracefully you’ve taken away the long hours of demographic research.  I think I love you.  It seems like magic, but almost instantly, GA can supply information to you about your site’s visitors.  Imagine knowing where your audience is located, what languages they speak, what operating system they’re using and possibly even their age and gender.  Google Analytics uses cookies and prior history to gather this information for your business. Check out more in this blog.

I’m Laidback and Like Long Walks on the Beach! What’s You’re Unique Selling Point?

You’re on the phone, trying to qualify and convert leads, and it’s not working.  What should you do?  First, you might want to consider the questions you’re asking.  Not the problem?  Your business should look a little deeper into your unique selling point.  How else will you get interested buyers to convert to clients? Find out about USPS here.