Recapping the Week [3.31.14- 4.4.14]

The Kickoff of Your B2B Pinterest

I will admit, I’m not really the “Pinterest Pro,” but I have looked to brands for inspiration.  For example, Nordstrom is likely the most popular brand on Pinterest, with over 4.4 million followers.  Naturally, most businesses are selling a product or service that isn’t as visually appealing as pair of Manolo shoes.  So what kind of content should these companies post?  Here are some suggestions on where to start.

Getting Google Analytics, Part 1 of A LOT

Who runs the world?  Google does.  Well, maybe not exactly, but you it’s starting to seem that way, isn’t it?  They’ve divided into so many little Googles, like AdWords, Maps, Google+, Gmail, Android OS, AdSense, YouTube…the list could go on for days.  With most companies spreading content on multiple channels, Google Analytics has become one of the best tools to track this valuable information.  Though only one aspect of tracking, here’s a look at how Google Analytics understands and reports conversions.

Instagram Can Seriously #GrowBusiness

It’s understandable that most businesses aren’t going to come close in ranking on Instagram.  With the leading brands being Nike, Starbucks, and Adidas, I’m not so sure my marketing budget is going to top theirs.  There are a few ways though, to make sure your business is seeing the ROI they should when using social media.  Here are some tips to maximizing your reach and see the return you’re looking for.

Snap That!

Trust me; I know we’ve talked about automotive world’s mainly targeted demographics.  But, I would have never thought car dealers would think outside of Millennials and 50+ to target 13-20 year old Gen Y’s.  These kiddos aren’t buying cars, so why are automakers trying to engage them, and how?  Brand awareness is never a bad thing, and we’re constantly seeing more inexpensive ways to get your name into consumers’ heads.  Naturally, marketers love free press and jump on new opportunities to increase awareness; similarly, younger consumers are looking for new fun ways to swap information with friends.  So after billions of images have been shared on Snapchat, marketers are looking to utilize this one-on-one platform.  Read more here.

We’re Hiring Summer Interns!

It’s that time of year again; Abstrakt Marketing Group is now hiring summer interns!  We’d like to say it takes a special breed to be a part of our team.  Really though, we’re just encourage our staff have fun and be themselves.  Recently we’ve been named by the St. Louis Business Journal as the fastest growing private business, and have been known as one of the best companies to work for the past three years.  Sound good?  Check out the opportunities here.