Recapping the Week [3.3.14- 3.7.14]

How to Create a Valuable Sell Sheet

Sell sheets are a salesman’s best friend on a pitch.  This one or two-page document showcases your company’s product or service benefits.  This information is similar to what you’d find on the back of a novel.  It’s a short summary of what your company is all about, and what you’re offering.  Be sure to follow this short list when creating your sell sheets.

Top-Level Domains: What are they, and how can they help my business?

This year, there’s been a lot of buzz about top-level domain names.  Specifically, they are at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System on the internet.  Originally, we saw these domains organized into three main groups: countries, categories, and multi-organizations.  Now, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) hopes to promote innovation by offering new domain names.  As of 2014, these new variations of domains are starting to release.  Eventually, we could see upwards of 1,000 on the web!  These domains are search oriented, so they can help your SEO efforts.  Is now the time to invest in a top-level domain?  Here are some available domains to check out, organized by industry.

Not-so-Secret Tips to Appointment Setting

We’ve all been called by a salesperson trying to get us to upgrade, switch services, etc.  Have you ever taken the time to hear what they have to say?  Appointment setting takes time and a lot of effort to ensure qualified leads.  Abstrakt can help secure those leads and appointment, but here are some tips if you’re trying to do it yourself!

Writer’s Block is No Joke: Brainstorming Suggestions for Your Company Blog

Blogging is a way to set yourself or your business apart from the rest.  As a regular blogger, you can be seen as an educated leader in your field.  Sometimes though, it’s difficult to come up with topics that your readers actually care about.  No one likes getting stuck in that mental box.  First, check out these sites to help spark some ideas.

How Web Videos Can Produce Auto Dealer Leads

Web videos in any category can help boost sales and make your brand stand out.  Auto dealers are no exception to this trend.  Similar to blogging a few years ago, creating online videos as part of your advertising strategy will help your company demonstrate that it is an expert in their specific field.  Whether you’re explaining features, services offered or just showcasing a promotion, web videos can give dealers a new way to connect with customers.  Here are some perks of using web video in your online marketing strategy.