Recapping the Week [3.25.13 – 3.29.13]

Grow by Going Against the Grain 

In sales it often seems that everyday is filled with more of the same old thing. We have processes and a schedule to keep and no matter the company, the position itself tends to follow a standard format. That’s not to say these processes won’t be successful — there is obviously a reason so many businesses stick with them. However it’s when you go against the grain that you are presented with the opportunity to have a big influence on your market. Read full post here. 

Google’s Got the Answer for Everything 

There aren’t many things that Google hasn’t given thought of or developed. In fact, if they haven’t developed a solution for something yet, you can probably assume it’s in the works. Their latest and greatest? Google Keep! How many times a day do you forget to write something down (or save something) and then spend time later trying to remember what it was? If you’re like me — or the rest of the world for that matter — the answer is probably often. Google Keep is Google’s latest solution to that problem. Read full post here. 

The Trump Card: Blog Posts Edge Videos, But Videos Best Social Ads 

The question of which marketing tactics are the most effective has been an ongoing debate for years. Will people be more likely watch a video we post or read a white paper we publish? According to eMarketer, a leading authority on digital marketing, media and commerce research, blog postings are the way to go on both a B2B and B2C marketing front. However, they also consider blogging to be one of the most difficult tactics to execute. Read full post here. 

You Mean to Tell Us Consumers Complain Through Social Sites?!

Social media has quickly become an additional customer service outlet and customers have no problem submitting their complaints. Are we surprised? Not at all, seeing that most of us businesses have been encountering such situations for the last couple of years. It’s the double edged sword that accompanies having social sites for your business – you have more outlets for customers to reach you which also means you have that many more outlets to monitor for bad PR. Read full post here. 

Whose Hiring Graphic Design Interns? We Are! 

The summer is fast approaching which means new graduates are looking to join the “real world,” while others are just looking for a change. As promised, we’ve opened more opportunities in our agency and we’re on the hunt for two graphic design interns to help us further our brand’s mission. There are hundreds of thousands of designers around the world and we’re looking for ones that will fit in with our ever-growing family. Take a look through our website, get a feel for who we are and what we do, and then, if you feel you’d be a good fit, send us your credentials. Check out the details of the position below. We look forward to hearing from you. Read full posting here.