Recapping the Week [3.24.14- 3.28.14]

The Time is Now: Newsletters for Your B2B Marketing Strategy

When you hear the talk about newsletters as a B2B marketing asset, you’ll get positives and negatives from every end of the spectrum. In the end, however, no one can deny that newsletters are a staple piece of every great B2B marketing strategy. They keep your company in the minds of customers, share useful information to current customers as well as prospects and serve as an outlet to promote company services. More than anything, your newsletter will ideally become a resource to those who receive it. Here are several suggestions on how you can make that happen.

Leading B2B Demand Generation Company Hires Several to Support Growth, With More to Come

Abstrakt Marketing Group, St. Louis-based provider of the demand generation solution they call Pipeline, added more talent to its sales staff by introducing Blair Turley, James Olsen and Michelle Tinsley as a Regional Sales Representatives. Additionally, Adam Bean and James Welch join the company as Automotive Sales Representatives. All seasoned representatives will play a key role in helping the fast-growing company further accelerate its growth. To read the full article, click here.

Creating a Professional Referral Network

Ever asked a friend to hook you up with one of their friends?  “I swear I’m not psychotic; I just really need to find someone to marry?”  Well in the business world, word-of-mouth referrals are a great way to “meet your match,” so to say.  Creating a referral channel is one of the best ways to network, generate leads and promote sharing.  So why are referrals so great?  Read more here.

Mobile + Car = A Revolutionary Fusion

Hand, meet smartphone; smartphone, meet hand…and the two never left each other’s sight.  Talk about a match made in heaven.  As one might assume, the majority of our world is using smartphones to connect.  Marketers are switching to more digital ways of thinking and adjusting to mobile.  So what’s the next big thing?  Cars, baby!  And the connected-car market is predicted to reach over $53 billion in the next four years.  Find out more here.