Recapping the Week [3.10.14- 3.14.14]

Time to Spring Clean Your Marketing

If you’re like the rest of our office, you’re enjoying the much-needed warm weather, opening up the windows and soaking in the vitamin D. It’s the tell-tale sign of spring and that means one thing and one thing only – spring cleaning. And not just for your home or office, but for your marketing strategy too. With spring comes change, out with the old and in with the new. It’s the perfect time to toss out the strategies that aren’t working and come up with fresh new ideas – here’s how.

Reputation Management: Responding to Bad Reviews Online

It might just be me, but with over 70% of adults using social media, people seem to be getting pretty opinionated.  Not only do we have to deal with friends complaining about the weather EVERY TIME it rains, but now people are getting online review crazy.  I know it’s useful, because I’ve used reviews to pick which new place in town I’d visit for dinner.  But, do you ever feel like certain people are in it just for the attention? Read more here.

Long Live the Brochure!

So you’re sitting in the doctor’s office, and most likely you’re surrounded by reading materials galore!  Not only are there twenty out-of-date magazines lying around, there’s definitely also a pile of dusty brochures sitting in the corner somewhere.  Though informational, a physical brochure seems outdated with the internet, right?  Not so fast: printed brochures can have a longer-lasting impact on the customer, inspiring them to hang on to those with useful information. Keep reading for tips on how to conquer the mighty brochure!

Challenge: Measure the Internet.  No Rulers Allowed!

In past blogs, I’ve rambled on about the importance of social media, demand generation, nurturing leads, etc.  Now that more businesses are utilizing social networks and growing their websites, how can we measure that our efforts are really paying off?  Here’s a quick review on web analytics, and how call tracking can be essential to your digital marketing plan.

Location-Based Automotive Marketing

For the past few years now, we’ve heard that mobile is going to dominate the marketing world.  It makes sense with so many smartphones out there, but has mobile marketing reached its fullest potential?  Not yet, but we’re getting closer.  Advertising on smartphones and tablets has cost marketers over $13 billion last year alone.  Over the course of the next five years, this budget could raise to almost $40 billion. Read more here about the future of location-based marketing in the auto world.