Recapping the Week [2.3.14- 2.7.14]

Several Simple Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter

By this point in the game, your B2B organization has already committed to actively participating in the socialsphere and taken your place in the Twitterverse. So now you may be wondering, what should I be doing out here and how can this help my business? First things first, congratulations on taking the first step – now it’s time to really engage and put Twitter to work for you.  Simply setting up a profile and tossing a post or two out every other month isn’t going to cut it for you. Here are a few simple ways you can use your Twitter account to benefit your business in a hurry.

2014 Website Must Haves: Are You Sticking with the Trends?

Of course in 2014, consumers are still smothered with content, content, and more content! Simplifying your website isn’t that tough, but it might be the thing that sets you apart this year.  Check out these five helpful tips to keeping your website current in 2014, here.

The Most Important and Most Overlooked Piece of an Email Marketing Campaign

“What’s a target list?” If this were Jeopardy, many of you out there would get this wrong. It would be easy to answer with, “What’s a subject line” or “What’s a call-to-action,” but those come along much later in the process.  Email marketing begins and ends with your database. If you’re a business interested in launching an email marketing campaign, but you have no interest in growing a quality target list, we’d have to ask you: what’s the point? Of course we want expansive target lists – however, it all starts with the opt-in form and advances from there. Read more here.

5 Lead Generation Mistakes

Acquiring new clients isn’t an easy task.  Could you be making it harder on yourself?  Focusing on the lead generation process will ensure a greater ROI, and make for a happy boss.  Here are some examples of what you shouldn’t do.

Five Things Dealerships Shouldn’t Ignore in 2014

Last year, I bought my first brand new car.  The experience was terrifying, to say the least.  I spoke with the first salesperson, then the second salesperson, his manager and then his manager.  After this I had to speak with a lady in insurance, a guy in finance…by the time they took me on a test drive I just wanted to drive home!  Maybe that’s part of the reason mobile and online shopping is continuously growing, especially with cars.  With that being said, click here to see what dealerships shouldn’t ignore in 2014.