Recapping the Week [2.24.14- 2.28.14]

14 Must Have B2B Marketing Solutions

Over the years we have perfected our demand generation solution, Pipeline. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growing your business. It’s a detailed, proven process designed to help businesses stand out from their competitors. With that being said, we learned early on that growing your pipeline goes far beyond delivering a simple email or phone call. Check out our B2B Marketing Solutions infographic that highlights the top 14 assets we know to be vital in growing business.

When is it okay to automate your marketing?

What the heck is marketing automation anyway?  Sounds to me like replacing your marketing team with robots.  Specifically, it involves new software platforms that organize and automate repetitive marketing tasks.  So when should your business start automating?  Ask yourself these questions before you start:

Lead Generation v. Demand Generation

Here at Abstrakt, we offer a number of solutions to help grow your business.  Eventually, we hope to hand you well-qualified leads that can become new clients.  In the past we’ve called these efforts lead generation, but there’s a new buzz word in town:demand generation.  So what’s the difference?  Read on to see the differences between the two and what they can accomplish when paired together.

How to Combat Automotive Showrooming

Retail settings across the world have been experiencing showrooming with the rise of mobile popularity.  With automotive sales being one of the largest purchases a consumer makes, it’s clearly going to involve some research.  Now, consumers are using mobile devices inside dealerships to research prices, other dealerships, reviews, special offers & incentives and they’re probably even writing about you on social networks.  So how can dealers stop customers from test driving, and buying elsewhere?  Here are some ways to fight back and keep the sale in house.

10 Signs You’re a Sales Pro

You’re well aware of how good you are at your job, but you still manage to impress yourself when a big deal comes through. Read on to see if you really are a sales pro.