Recapping the Week [2.17.14-2.21.14]

Paid Advertising on Social Media

We see them all over our social media sites: promoted tweets, promoted trends, sponsored updates, etc.  Obviously the amount of time consumers spend on social media has grown insanely fast, and keeps growing.  So naturally, we knew Facebook and Twitter would eventually be overloaded with advertisements.  How else would memberships to these sites stay free?  Read on, and I’ll explain the differences between these types of posts.  From there, you can decide which paid advertising route is the best for your business.

Website CTAs

Using calls to action on your website can help generate leads to your business.  There are a number of ways to encourage the user to act, but this call should be clearly displayed.  Where to position these CTA buttons depend on what kind of leads you’re looking for.  First, you can place the calls to action within your content, so interested viewers can reach out while on your site.  Second, you can pin buttons to the site, keeping the CTA in view no matter what page, or where on the page the viewer is.  Either option gives the viewer an opportunity to reach out to your business.  This will give you their contact information, and gives you an already interested lead to pursue. Read more here.

Using Case Studies in Your Sales Process?  Here’s Where You’re Missing the Mark

Alright, we’re going to jump right in and I’m going to lay some logic on you. 8 out of 10 people say that reviews, recommendations and case studies influence their buying behavior. This means 80 percent of your target  market is HIGHLY influenced by what others are saying about your business. Since we know this, it’s only logical to utilize those outlets to benefit your sales process. There may even be a chance that you already are, but the reality is that many of the companies out there are doing it wrong. Find out if you’re doing it right here.

Nurturing the 98%

Ah new clients, aren’t they beautiful?  Probably because we spend so much time trying to find them!  What a lot of businesses don’t realize is: there are a lot of potential new clients within your demographic out there, but roughly 98% of them aren’t ready for the opportunities you’re offering.  This is where nurturing comes in.  Once the target is engaged with your business, it’s important to build that relationship regardless of WHEN they buy.  The goal is to earn their business, whenever they’re ready. Check out some tips here.

Traditional vs. Digital Automotive Direct Mail

Its 2014, so how is the economy looking?  Aside from the past few months of a winter mess, automotive sales are actually rising!  This could be a good sign of the US economy overall.  So forget that marketing budget, and watch those customers roll on in!  If only it were that simple.  Dealers have been using direct mail forever, but the cost of traditional media is growing.  How can your business bridge the gap between traditional and digital advertising? Find out here.