Recapping the Week [2.11.14- 2.14.14]

SEO: How To Pick the Best Keywords

The main way to increase your business’ visibility on search engines is to focus on your keywords.  How does your company appear in unpaid search results?  You might want to look at the current keywords your business is using.  Do they need to be refined?  Follow the steps here to ensure you’re using the best keywords for your business.

How to Rock at Video Marketing in 2014

Video marketing was a major trend in 2013, but isn’t stopping this year.  This short and sweet form of communication helps quickly evoke emotions, and can really give a visual feel to your brand.  Luckily, this form of communication is easy to measure, depending on what delivery method you’re using. Check out the trends here.

Don’t Dread Phone Prospecting

Ah, phone prospecting.  I can see the sparkle of excitement in your eye.  Like AT&T said in the 80′s, the telephone is the way to “reach out and touch someone.”  It’s 2014, after all; you know everyone is just dying to be touched.   Communication today is instant with mobile devices and social media.  But like a good cuddle session, is it meaningful? Click here for tips!

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Automotive Consumers

As new car sales grow, the question is who’s buying to spark this growth?  Most automotive dealers target the Millennial group for new car purchases.  Sure, you might want to continue targeting this under 35 group, but they’re not the big spenders anymore.  Studies show that over 60% of new auto sales are with drivers over the age of fifty.  This group definitely has spending power and are actively buying.  Just based on population, this 50+ group will grow by more than 17 million in the next 10 years.  This is in comparison to that under 35 group only growing 2.6 million in that 10 year period. Click here to read more.