Recapping the Week [12.2.13-12.6.13]

Social Media for Small Businesses

Shopping. What images come to mind with the thought? With Black Friday just a few days behind us, you probably had envisioned hoards of people crowding into big-box stores to get deals on the latest and greatest items. While Black Friday is arguably one of the most important sales days of the year, there was another day over the weekend that was equally – if not more – important: Small Business Saturday. This day celebrates the small businesses that make up the communities all over the nation and encourages consumers to shop locally owned. For small businesses, getting recognized the other 364 days of the year can be a challenge. How can a small business stand out from the “big guys?” Social Media! Read more here.

Why is SEO Important?

Think about the last time you did an Internet search for something. Let’s be honest – it was probably “like five seconds ago.” Searching the Internet for information has become part of everyday life – we don’t even think about it when doing so. People are constantly searching – Google alone sees 500 million searches per day. With thousands of websites and millions of searches, how is anyone supposed to find your website or your content? Read more here.

Want Robust Reporting? Try Using Dashboard Reporting Services

Not using dashboard reporting as part of your lead generation efforts is a lot like starting and continuing a fitness plan without weighing yourself: you continue to put in the effort, but do not know how effective these efforts are and what is or isn’t working. Just like you need a scale to keep track of progress, you need dashboard reporting to track and summarize your gathered data. Read more here.

Marketing Minute – Pay Per Click Campaigns

Check out this week’s Marketing Minute about Pay Per Click Campaigns! See it here.