Recapping the Week [11.25.13-11.29.13]

Using Social Media to Tap Into Your Fan Base

One Direction. Chevy. Taco Bell. Whether it is a band, an automotive company or a restaurant chain, chances are that there’s that one brand you’re crazy about. Go review your profile on the social network of your choice – even if you’re not über-passionate about something, you’ve more than likely recently mentioned several brands without thinking about it. Personally, I’ve mentioned 6 or 7 brands in a positive light in the last two weeks on my personal Facebook page. There are consumers out there mentioning and talking about your brand on a regular basis. With that, here are some tips on jumping in on these conversations. Read more here.

Employee Communication – Are You Skipping the Basics?

While your business is focused on reaching out to consumers and meeting their needs through a product or service offering, it is important to not forget about your employees! Employees are the heart, soul, and face of your brand – it is important to invest in these valuable members of your company. What is a great way to invest in your employees? Great internal communication! Read more here.

Blogging – There’s Nothing to Be Scared Of

At Abstrakt Marketing Group, we frequently cover the topic of blogging. This is because blogging is such a powerful tool for growing your business! There are many reasons why people skip blogging – it seems like there is a new excuse every day. However, one of the more common objections companies make is they’re afraid of receiving criticism for their work. It’s a valid argument, but taking the risk is worth it for all the benefits blogging that it brings. Read more here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us here at Abstrakt Marketing Group, we wish all of you the best Thanksgiving! See the blog post here.