Recapping the Week [11.18.13 – 11.22.13]

Social Media for Auto Dealerships

Outside of a home, purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest and most important purchases someone can make. With so many makes, models, and dealerships, purchasing a new vehicle can be a daunting task for consumers. Having a social media page that provides useful content and information to consumers is a great way to grow your business! Read more here.

Using Your Social Media for Great PR

Any good public relations expert will tell you that effective PR is getting credit for doing the right thing in both good and bad times. Regardless of the situation, social media is a great way to get your message out and talk about things going on in your company. We’ve already talked about handling a social media crisis, but how do you handle the good things about your company? Read more here.

Blogging – It’s All the Buzz

As with any good argument, supporting evidence can take you a long way. We can sit here and tell you all of the great reasons we think blogging will help your business. Or, we can take some time and guide you to some other resources that share in our ideals. So with that, we bring you one of today’s buzz-worthy web stories that highlight the benefits of blogging for your business. Examine the evidence and decide for yourself – is blogging smart for your business? Read more here.

Appointment Setting – Your Key to Getting Past the Gatekeeper

In the world of sales, getting past the gatekeeper can be intimidating. What is one of the best tools in getting past the gatekeeper? Appointment setting! Appointment setting allows you to arrange a time in the future when the decision-maker is available to speak with you. What are some of the benefits of appointment setting? Read more here.

Marketing Minute – Maintaining New Lead Relationship

How do you nurture a new lead that is not ready to work with you yet? Through email marketing! Social media manager Breanna Bequette explains some of the benefits of building a relationship with consumers through email marketing. Check out the video here.