Life at Abstrakt

1Life at Abstrakt—You see the tab on the website, you read the blogs and you look at all the pictures. But little do you know, as fun as the website looks – it doesn’t do this place justice.Before I even knew I was going to intern here, I spent vast amounts of time reading about the people who work here and looking at their fun activity photos. But now that I am part of the team (only for 5 weeks, but still), I understand more about what “life at Abstrakt” really means.

Allow me to give you a quick tour of the second floor:

First thing you’ll notice are the decorations on the walls and posts — photo-shopped pictures of the crew. I’m talking Batman characters, a bald-headed baby, famous rappers and some vintage looking Justin Bieber-wannabes. It’s pretty funny, but even funnier once you get to know these talented models. Now fast-forward to the serious part. You are working hard writing blogs and what not, and say, you have to sneeze. Rest assured at least five co-workers will yell out, “Bless you!” (sometimes even repeatedly), which WILL put a smile on your face.

Midday, it’s all about lunchtime and a couple of co-workers invite you out to lunch. Whether it is Mexican, Middle Eastern or Irish, you will have a yummy lunch and with great company. You come back with a happy belly, and keep on working. You are researching about your clients, writing more blogs, and then a good song comes on the radio… and you KNOW it’s a good song because Erich – our highly entertaining art director who dabbles in some mixing – will scream, “Ohhhhh! That’s my jam!!” He’ll then turn it up and will continue on to sing the whole song out loud.

Before you know it, it’s time to hit the road. You send your finished blog to Sean and Shannon for revision, print it out and put it on Sean’s desk. You pack your things and start to walk out, but never unnoticed because the whole second floor will clap for you as you walk away, and if you are like me—you will fist pump your way out while laughing about it.

All jokes aside, my experience at Abstrakt has been an unforgettable one. Everyone has been so welcoming, making me feel part of the family. My day-to-day responsibilities allow me to feel important and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a talented group of people at a very successful company. In a short period of time, I have gained real-world experience that I know will help me with whatever life has planned for me after college. I feel very lucky to be part of the group, and I absolutely recommend you to come experience your own life at Abstrakt.