Getting to Know Us: The 411 on Corey Melzer (Art Director)

We come into work every day and surround ourselves with the same individuals, but sometimes questions are left unanswered. Questions like: how we do we really know one another? Over time we have certainly come to know one another better than in our earlier days and now it’s time for us to share that inside information with you. Today we’re taking a look at one of our Art Directors, Corey Melzer. When we asked fellow coworkers about Corey, this is what they had to say:

“When Corey first came in for his interview, I was like, “This dude seems like the worst.” And then when he started working with us, I was like, “Is that a dolphin tattoo?” But over time, I realized Corey is just like the rest of us except he has a dolphin tattoo around his ankle. And I’ve grown to respect that. Sure, he wears shorts a lot to show it off. But wouldn’t you? I would. Definitely. He does prefer “Good Morning America” over the “Today” show, though. That’s something I just can’t accept.” Shannon Miller

“Corey loves mayonnaise, which I find disgusting. I also know he is really tan.” Breanna Bequette

“Corey’s been a great member of our creative team. His work has been impressive and he can always be counted on to put out a great product. But what really sets Corey apart from the rest? His love for mayo. Mayo on everything and, sometimes, not on anything at all. Yep. When he told me he’s eaten mayo straight from the tub, I knew he was special.” Sean Connors

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Corey, but we do know he’s a great fit here and we’re looking forward to all the interesting things left unanswered. Like why mayo? Keep an eye out for our next “Getting to Know Us” blog soon.