Getting to Know Us: All About Allyson Kutterer

allyson kuttererWhen we work with the same people day in and day out, it’s easy to just assume you know one another pretty well. But with a growing company, it’s hard to keep track of all of our colleagues. Even though Allyson Kutterer has been a member of the Abstrakt family for about a year now and has worked in two different departments, there’s still a lot to learn about her. We asked our fellow co-workers about one of our Social Media Managers, and here’s what they had to say about her:

“I’m only giving a quote about Allyson in hopes that she wants to offer to let me borrow season 3 of Downtown Abbey again. I just got a great Blu-ray player, refurbished, for like $30. Did you know they can play DVDs too?” – Shannon Miller

“Since she’s started on the agency side, Allyson has managed to take on her role quickly and effortlessly. Very hard worker.” – Sean Connors

“Allyson dresses better than most people I know. Sometimes I think very seriously about stealing the shirt off her back.” – Sarah Schwaigert

“Allyson never misses a sale and she always knows what Kim Kardashian is up to.” – Amy Lange

“She has an awesome work ethic, always willing to help out a co-worker, and is one of the ‘fancy girls’ here that have given me fashion advice! And also she calls me her ‘work mom’ and I am honored to have that title!” – Mary Goetz

“If it has to do with cats, Michael Kors or The Kardashians, Allyson has it covered. I remember when I heard on the radio that Kim Kardashian was pregnant… I didn’t bother going to E! Online to read about it… I just asked Allyson and got the lowdown.” – Sarah Scarborough

“One of the most teachable people I have ever managed. Not to mention the hardest working person I know. I would want Allyson on my team any chance I got.” – Kraig Kubicek

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting to know Allyson. One thing is for sure, she’s a great fit for Abstrakt and a valuable team member! Be on the lookout for our next “Getting to Know Us” blog soon.