Cinco de Mayo, Paintball & Kentucky Derby, Oh My!

Do you ever hear your friends talking about the companies they work for and get a slight tinge of jealously over the fun stuff that goes on at their company? If the answer’s yes – you may want to stop reading now. Tomorrow, Abstrakt will have a number of activities taking place that would make even the most cool, calm and collected individual feel a bit of jealousy. In the spirit of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby festivities, we decided to go all-out for this week’s drink cart. With fresh mint juleps, margaritas and décor to match, the office will be in full pre-party swing this Friday. Unfortunately, not all of our team members will get to participate tomorrow, but don’t feel too bad for them—they’ll be spending half the day at a paintball course!

Now, not everyone considers taking paintballs to the body at 200 mph a good time, but our automotive and executive sales teams sure seem excited about it. Why are they headed to the course, you ask? Well, it’s not “just because,” they happened to meet a lofty goal last month and won the half day activity as a team prize. (Good work guys!) This behavior certainly isn’t the everyday norm. After all, you have to work hard to play hard but when it’s time to take a rest and have fun, we know how to do it right.

We know we aren’t the only ones around town providing fun incentives to their team. Tell us what your company does to keep the environment fun at work. Are  mint juleps and margaritas in your future too?!