Charity Partnerships – Why We Do It


Every business, no matter the industry, has organizations they hold near and dear to their hearts. Maybe they host an annual food drive for no other reason than tradition. Perhaps it’s participating in a run to show support for a colleague. No matter the reason – philanthropy is just as much a part of everyday business as anything else. We can’t speak for everyone in our market, but there are a few reasons why we opt for forming charity partnerships here in St. Louis

First and foremost – it’s fun. Not only do we get to showcase some mad marketing skills once in a while when we’re helping out a great cause, but we also enjoy the activities that accompany them. Looking back over the past couple of years, we’ve gotten to participate in both a head shaving event and golf tournament in support of St. Baldrick’s; hosted an internal department challenge to collect food donations for Operation Food Search; and had a blast building cars for the annual Pinewood Derby that benefits the Ad Club of St. Louis.

The long and short of it, whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, doing good for others makes us feel good. There’s a reason so many other organizations opt to participate in philanthropic activities as well. When you’re forming relationships between your business and the community, your ties become that much stronger. And for a company looking to be around for a long time, the value of those relationships is irreplaceable.

Know of any great charitable events coming up this summer? L
eave us a message and we’ll be happy to share them with our team!