AMG Employees say “Join Us”

10678693_10152433877218915_8297085933380823844_nAs we actively begin recruiting to fill new available positions at the Abstrakt office, we share many materials with our prospective employees. However, above all things it’s our team of employees that drive so many individuals into choosing a career with our company. Recently, several employees shared their reasoning on why you should explore an Abstrakt career, here’s what they had to say:

“Abstrakt is an amazing company to be a part of.  Seeing day in and day out what kind company this is and how we positively impact the lives of so many people across the USA is amazing.  Not too many companies can say that, but we can.  The leadership team, from Partners to PSM’s, are accessible and always willing to help however they can.  It’s not very often that you can have a conversation with Partners on a daily basis; however, here at Abstrakt, the Partners are always around and checking in on how you are doing not just on a professional level but also a personal level.  It makes working at Abstrakt fun and enjoyable, and makes each person here want to do good not only for Abstrakt but for all of our clients.” – Dan Ulrich, Training Development Manger

I would tell anyone that was thinking about a position with Abstrakt that if they want to work in a place where they can advance their career and skill sets in a very short period of time then this is the place for you.” – Mark Monika, Partner Sales Representative

“It’s fun, fast-paced and hard work is recognized. If you’re talking about work-life balance, the people, the culture, etc. I don’t think other companies even compare. I mean, where else can you go to work and win a Porsche 911 for the weekend!? Where else can you kill it all week at the office closing some deals and satisfying customers and then be rewarded with a drink cart or a company sponsored happy hour? Where else are there daily, weekly and monthly contests for prizes or more money? I’ve only ever seen it at Abstrakt.” – Colin Tracy, Salesperson

If you are on the hunt for a business growth career, Abstrakt has opportunities that you should explore. To view our current openings and reach out to our recruitment team please visit us at We’re looking forward to speaking with you.