Abstrakt Employees Are Big Losers, In a Good Way

Losing weight and committing to a healthier lifestyle is a common New Year’s resolution; it’s also an extremely difficult one to accomplish. This year, the Abstrakt crew is approaching the challenge as a team. This week over two dozen employees kicked off Abstrakt’s Biggest Loser Challenge.

biggest loserThe four teams are fighting for weekly prizes as well as individual and team prizes, but the real winners will be those who walk away from the event healthier and happier. Each Thursday the participants with weigh-in and collective totals will be monitored until the close of the event on March 26th – just in time for swimsuit season!


The ever clever wordsmiths in the office came up with this year’s team names including, The Karbdashians, Hips A’hoy, Abstrakt Shapes and Team WAR (Weapons of Ass Reduction). Just by hearing the team names you can tell we’ve got a fun bunch of competitors.

In addition to some great prizes, employees are receiving weekly health tips and have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers such as fitness trainers and professional fitness competitors. This is just part of the effort Abstrakt is putting forth this year to promote a healthy workplace and lifestyle among its employees.

We are looking forward to reporting how well our bunch of losers do in this competition so check back soon for another update!