Lead Generation for Mechanical Contractors

SAM Mechanical reviews how they’ve generated a million dollars of new sales from Abstrakt’s Pipeline service in just a two year period of time.

Mechanical Contractors encompass not only the design and installation of the largest, most iconic buildings and facilities in every major metropolitan area, but also the continued maintenance, repairs, and upkeep of these facilities.  At Abstrakt, we work with Mechanical Contractors to cultivate and identify their market to determine the opportunities for Preventative Maintenance and Service, Repair, Retrofit, and Install within the key accounts and properties throughout their service area.  By identifying front-end factors like square footage of treatable space, unit and equipment types, runtime and energy usage, as well as the lifecycle of existing equipment, Abstrakt prepares its partners with an arsenal of data with the end goal of winning more marketshare.

Abstrakt by definition calls itself a Business Growth Agency, operating an outbound sales and marketing pipeline to primarily identify opportunities like this in the Preventative Maintenance area for Commercial and Industrial Facilities north of 10,000 square feet.  Abstrakt does three things really well; building and collecting the relevant data on targets outside of their natural or referral market, creating and building top-of-mind-awareness amongst key-decision makers within those facilities, and setting vetted face-to-face sales meetings when the timing is right.

With the rising cost of hiring and increased demand of highly skilled labor in the HVAC marketplace, time and money are at an utmost premium.  Abstrakt’s augmentation of the front-end of the sales funnel to increase visibility and intelligence on the marketplace, as well as setting qualified walk-throughs, has proven to be a profitable solution to strategically grow Service Divisions for Mechanical Contractors throughout the US and Canada.  To learn more, contact one of our Sales Representatives today.


The Client

Synergy Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is the benchmark design-build service provider in Central Ohio. The company services and installs custom designed systems to fit their owner’s requirements. Unique to their industry, Synergy Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has the ability to look at an entire facility’s operating costs when putting together a project. They then have the ability to provide customers with the best solution to meet their facilities objectives.

“We were surprised at how quickly Abstrakt’s representatives understood our business and how responsive our Partner Sales Manager was in bringing issues to my attention immediately. This helped us to quickly confront objections and fast track our success.”

The Challenge

Like their competitors, the client was faced with the challenge of reaching new prospects while nurturing the prospects they already had in their sales pipeline. The prospecting activities that their salespeople were able to engage in internally just weren’t reaching broad enough. The client had a specific message they wanted to deliver to their prospects and were unsure if an outsourced solution would be able to learn that message quickly or deliver the results they wanted. However, knowing their sales funnel needed to continually have new leads entering it in order to meet their aggressive revenue goals, the client turned to Abstrakt to help set appointments for the company’s sales engineers.

The Solution

The client partnered with Abstrakt Marketing Group to achieve several goals, all of which centered on attracting the attention of decision-making executives, director level and above. Recognizing that the client had various targets– owners, presidents and directors of engineering–Abstrakt developed targeted messages for the different title paths and worked with the client on calling and objection handling scenarios. As the Pipeline program got underway, Abstrakt was proactive in uncovering opportunities and looking for trends in the calling data that could strengthen the effort.

The Results

Fifteen months into the partnership, the client has $200,000 in closed business and $2.5 million worth of proposals in their pipeline. The client credits the program’s success to Abstrakt’s high-quality Partner Sales Representatives and management staff. “We were surprised at how quickly Abstrakt’s representatives understood our business and how responsive our Partner Sales Manager was in bringing issues to my attention immediately. This helped us to quickly confront objections and fast-track our success.”